NHS Bridlington Teaching Hospital

The Property

Part of the York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustBridlington Hospital provides surgical, rehabilitation, and outpatient services to the local Bridlington community in North East Yorkshire.

As part of the refurbishment of a 24-bed rehabilitation/intermediate care ward, Airwave Healthcare was approached to supply and install a small number of TVs to be wall-mounted within the ward, and used to occupy the time of convalescing patients.

The Technology

A mixture of 32-inch (w/ integrated DVD player) and 43-inch Cello TVs were chosen for the project, and wall-mounted in the ward’s day room, single rooms and bed bays.

Each TV was wall-mounted on ultra-slim Btech BT7523 brackets (ensuring as low a footprint as possible) and offer a full line-up of Freeview TV channels. Extended power and RF cables were implemented, alongside trunking work to ensure minimalist aesthetics and maximum infection control.

Ruwido healthcare remotes were provided with each TV, and coded to avoid interference between individual displays. Ruwido remotes are designed for use in healthcare environments, and ergonomically designed to facilitate cleaning and aid infection control.

This was a small, but very satisfying project! We were able to compete a survey and then supply, install and implement a series of TVs in just under two weeks, ensuring the Thornton Ward was ready for its proposed opening. It was lovely working with the team at Bridlington.

Matthew Cox, Business Development Manager, Airwave Healthcare