Healthcare Displays

Commercially certified healthcare displays are specifically designed to suit healthcare environments.nt from apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Features Include:

  • Remote management – enabling the control of an estate of televisions via the cloud or central location
  • Interactive information pages – ideal for the dissemination of information, revenue generation or even the aiding of operational efficiency via in-built software.
  • USB cloning – clones template settings to facilitate quick installation.
  • AntiMicrobrial housing to inhibit bacteria growth – ideal in a hospital environment
  • Wipe-clean remote controls – reducing the spread of germs
  • Multi-coded remote controls – preventing interference in open wards.
  • Eco mode & low power consumption – considerable operational cost savings
  • Menu lock – preventing the tampering of settings
  • Volume limitation – sets a standard switch-on volume and a maximum allowed volume.

Healthcare TVs are manufactured to withstand robust usage and with features designed to save operational costs and improve and enrich the patient’s viewing experience.


Healthcare TV screens all come with a standard two or three (or more) year warranty, and typically can be replaced by Airwave within a 24/48 hour period. We live in a society that is becoming more and more addicted to television, box sets and streaming services, and recognise that a bed without a working entertainment service is likely to cause considerable stress.


Typically, healthcare properties choose to incorporate additional functionality within their TV estate; healthcare displays can integrate with a multiple platforms to facilitate this.
Added functionality can be as simple as a one page information interface, or as sophisticated as PAS/HL7 clinical integration.


Various accessories are available in conjunction with healthcare TVs, supporting the specific demands of hospital environments.
These include low footprint acrylic remote control holders, and curly cords that attach to remotes, preventing theft or misplacement.


We appreciate that the purchase of technology systems can often be a complicated and confusing process and want to help you to get it right.  Below we’ve answered the questions that we hear on a weekly basis, please feel free to get in touch with all other enquiries: 01403 483 783 or

Televisions bought from the high-street will probably be cheaper in the short-term, however high-street warranties do not cover equipment placed into a non-domestic environment.  As a consequence, the cost of the failure or damage of TV screens needs to be carefully considered.

The cost implication of just one or two screen failures will likely exceed the initial cost saving.

However, think also about the cost associated to the operational element of domestic TV screens. If a patient messes with the TV’s settings, who will fix this and how?  What happens when one of your patients turns the volume up to 100?! And in the event of a an issue or TV failure, are you confident that Amazon or Currys will fix the issue quickly and efficently?

As mentioned in the above section, Healthcare TV screens all come with a standard two (or more) year warranty and typically can be replaced by Airwave within a 24/48 hour period. And of course, the specifically designed features must also be taken into consideration.

Lastly, a well designed healthcare TV system can provide multiple additional revenue opportunities, providing a ROI that can dwarf any initial cost savings afforded by domestic TVs.

Samsung, Philips and LG all offer commercial TV displays. Each brand offers a tiered range of screens, suitable for all requirements. In short, we recommend all three brands as excellent, reliable options for your property, and find that individual preference often dictates our clients’ buying decision.

We are on hand to guide this decision, but will always advise objectively – we partner with each manufacturer, enjoying close, long-standing relationships with all three.

For budget conscious properties looking for a value-driven TV display, Airwave have partnered with British manufacturer Cello Electronics and designed an entry-level commercial TV with integrated Chromecast. This is a great option for value-driven properties that want to avoid the pitfalls of putting domestic TVs in the ward or bedroom.

Not a problem!  Airwave offer a multitude of systems, ranging from simple information pages based on coaxial technology to multi-faceted SMART systems that host features such as video on demand, Chromecast and two-way communication technology To find out more, take a look at our Patient Entertainment Systems page.

That’s what we’re here for!  Airwave has been supplying technology into the healthcare industry for a number of years and can provide a series of options that best fits your situation, needs and budget.

We offer free site surveys and a consultative sales process that will help you, help your patients.  Get in touch for some friendly, professional advice: 0845 555 1212 or

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