Articulated Arms & Accessories

Articulating arms are used to position television displays and tablets at a number of heights and angles, supporting a patient’s transition from bed to chair (or vice versa) and servicing different recumbent positions.

Airwave’s series of standard and bespoke articulating arms & mounting solutions incorporate a multitude of revolutionary design features and can be mounted on walls, ceiling and trolleys.  All solutions are fully cable managed and can be easily cleaned with hospital grade cleaning solutions.

Other key features include:

  • Infection control
    Articulating arms have been designed to meet the rigours of today’s healthcare environment; sleek, clean lines and hidden mechanics prevent dirt-traps, enabling quick and easy cleaning.
  • Ease and flexibility of movement
    Various technologies are used to maximise the range and ease of an arm’s movement. This technology ensures that robustly built, heavy material is easy to move and adjust – even for the weakest individual.
  • Space management
    Most arms can be folded back flush against a wall, ceiling or trolley to minimise their footprint and feature cable-management technology, ensuring a clean finish.
  • Custom design.
    Sometimes exacting/specific needs require bespoke designs, Airwave is able to manufacture arms and mounts accordingly.
Luxo Maximum

The Maximum arm has been developed specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals. It offers long reach, perfect balance, and maximum vertical and horizontal movement.

Elite Medical

The ErgoMounts Elite monitor arm ceiling mount incorporates design features allowing it to support a screen up to 12.7kg, whilst maintaining effortless movement.

Bytec Novos 500

The Novos 500 arm features simple, integrated cable management to minimise its footprint. A wide range of mounting options is also available, offering flexibility to customise the system.


Trolleys & Carts

Trolleys and carts provide customisable, portable mounting systems for televisions, tablets and computer equipment. Designed to be easy to clean with minimal dirt-traps, each solution is manoeuvrable and adaptable.
Both heavy-duty (extra stability) and lighter (extra portability) trolleys can be ordered alongside accessories such as baskets to suit the varying requirements of healthcare establishments.

Healthcare Remote Controls

Handled by hundreds of people, remote controls can be one of the most contaminated objects in a hospital’s inventory. Airwave’s portfolio of remote controls has smooth, contoured housings with no nooks, crannies or recesses, enabling fast, easy cleaning with alcohol / antiseptic disinfectant wipes.
Other features include dust and splash proofing, multi-code (preventing RC interference in multi-bed environments), anti-theft battery compartments and large buttons to assist the partially sighted.

RC Holders & Curly Cords

Remote control holders, designed using infection control acrylic material, house a bed or room’s remote control when not being used – an effective way to keep a space clean and clutter free.
Curly cords can be attached to a RC housing unit or wall/fascia and are an effective way to prevent theft/missing controls.
Airwave also supply latex remote control covers (often referred to as remote control condoms) to support older style or “non-healthcare compliant” controls.

Audio & Charging Solutions

As patients become more and more dependent on portable devices, it’s vital that their charging needs are catered for.
Ideally, care homes and hospital audio solutions should provide a multi-device charging outlet whilst also connecting to a patient or resident’s device, allowing content to be played via bluetooth, WiFi or even an old-fashioned but handy 3.5MM wired connection!

Headphones and Sponges

Headphones allow patients in multi-bed environments to listen to portable devices or their bed’s TV screen without disturbing others.
Although Airwave can supply a wide range of headphones of differing qualities; typically the requirement is for cheap, throw-away headphones, designed for use over short periods of time.

Brackets and Mounts

As well as standard commercial wall-mounting brackets, Airwave offer ceiling, pillar and motorised solutions.
Used in conjunction with articulated arms, our portfolio of brackets provide guests and residents with full flexibility to interact with entertainment systems.

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