Patient Entertainment Systems

Delivering entertainment services and operational efficiency through technology.

Airwave’s TV entertainment platforms provide a user-friendly, fully customisable system for healthcare properties.

Our platforms offer an integrated solution for television & radio, telephony and internet services, and are built in accordance with three key principles:

1. Engage the patient via a collection of entertainment services, accessible by all ages and demographics.

2. Aid operational efficiency by digitising tasks and reducing burden on healthcare practitioners.

3. Reduce costs via improved operational efficiency and the provision of extra revenue streams.

Why Patient Entertainment Systems?


Offer patients access to services via their own mobile device.

Upgradeable. Customisable.

Feature sets can be curated to suit each property, and be changed / amended / updated at a later date.

Flexible. Scalable.

Systems support all sizes of property, from single care-homes to multi-property groups.

Control all displays from one location

Remotely manage displays from a web browser. Update content quickly and easily.

Feature List

TV & Radio

Curate a list of terrestrial & international channels, and radio services.

Content Casting

Allow the patient to cast content from their own (or a hospital issued) device to the TV. This essentially creates an almost infinite supply of content from a 1000+ apps – such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

Video Calling

Allow your patients to keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones via video calling platforms, such as Zoom, Skype and Hangout.

News & Magazines

Provide access to digital print content, such as daily news, specialist magazines or even e-books.

Airwave’s SPARK® Media platform has access to 9,562 worldwide digital print titles, providing content to suit every age, demographic and taste.

Messaging Service

Provide access to digital print content, such as daily news, specialist magazines or even e-books.

Airwave’s SPARK® Media platform has access to 9,562 worldwide digital print titles, providing content to suit every age, demographic and taste.

Service Requests

Empower patients via service request and nurse call functionality.

Patient Surveys

Obtain patient feedback via digital surveys, accessible within the TV or portal’s menu system.

Clinical Integration

Airwave’s SPARK® Media platform can integrate with clinical solutions using PAS integration and/or HL7 integration, enabling clinicians to show the patient key information about their health journey. Staff can also use it to access the patient’s records and clinical system (available on verified Trustowned hardware only).

Information Services

Use a series of information pages to house hospital information & services, interactive maps, property amenities, frequently asked questions etc

VOD & Movies

On-demand content streaming apps can be embedded on the TV. These vary from FOC services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and YouTube, or subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus.


Curate a list of commonly used apps, such as social media and e-tail platforms

Games & Puzzles

Games and puzzles are not only excellent passers of time, but help keep the mind agile. Choose from a list of options, including Sudoku, crosswords and word games.

Meal Ordering

Online meal ordering functionality not only reduces food wastage, but provides significant operational efficiencies.

Treatment & Training Videos

Treatment, training and self-help videos can empower patients, improving not only their quality of stay, but their mental wellbeing and health outcome.

Patient Education

In conjunction with training and treatment videos, digital education pages can be stored on a patient entertainment system.

Content Delivery

Television Displays
Smart Terminals

Feature List

BYOD technology has revolutionised the patient entertainment system, however Airwave recognise that a large number of patients don’t know have the knowledge or inclination to use it. Our systems our designed with EVERY patient in mind, not just those that are tech savvy.

For properties looking to enrich their guest’s stay, Airwave are uniquely placed to offer a one stop, end-to-end content service.

Utilising our partnership with Sky and content specialists and sister company Techlive International, we have agreements in place to supply Sky TV and the latest Hollywood movies with multi-language support, award winning TV features.

Content options include:

Freeview is the UK’s digital terrestrial TV service and can be delivered to your hospital through an aerial.  It offers 70 linear TV channels, more than 30 radio stations and is a popular choice for properties looking to provide a simple, linear television offering with limited associated costs.

Airwave can install and recondition RF terrestrial networks, ensuring that all channels are clear and up-to-date.

Airwave’s sister company, Techlive International provide a market-leading portfolio of movie and programming content, including the cloud-based movie streaming app, Airtime.

Airtime can be embedded on Samsung, LG and Philips commercial TVs, providing blockbuster movie content, weeks ahead of consumer streaming services.

The UK is a key destination for world travellers and home to many foreign language speakers. This prominence of overseas visitors necessitates the provision of a portfolio of international channels, especially in dense urban areas such as London and Birmingham.

Airwave’s portfolio of international channels provides content to cover most nationalities, including China, Japan and most European countries.

Airwave is a fully accredited Sky installation partner and also licensed to provide the latest movies from Hollywood studies such as Universal, Paramount and Disney.

For Pricing/Product Inquiries: