Airwave launch Virtual TV Remote Control

What is it?

Airwave’s new “virtual remote control”  enables patients or residents to use a smart device instead of the TV’s remote, removing the need to touch the remote control, fostering peace of mind and reducing the potential spread of infection.

The user simply scans a QR code, enabling the operation of the TV via a smart device. It’s as simple as that!

Why is it important?

Used by a a large number of people over a short period of time, public TV remotes are known to be an infection contamination risk, and by nature of their design, are highly difficult to sanitise.

Simply speaking, Airwave’s VRC eliminates exposure to potentially contaminated remote control hardware, encouraging the use of the provided TV and its services.

How does it work?

The user simply uses their smart device to scan a unique QR code from the TV (there is no requirement for an app download) this launches a web-based remote control on their phone or tablet. The VRC allows the user to navigate TV channels and menus with an intuitive and responsive interface and is compatible with all current Otrum platforms.

For operational convenience, the VRC is automatically disabled on guest checkout.

For more details, get in touch: or 01403 783 483