NHS Nightingale Hospital

Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world to its core, it’s been important top hold on to the few positives that have presented themselves.

Perhaps top of this list of is the altruistic spirit and sense of community instilled across the country. When the going gets tough, we stick together, look after each other and reevaluate priorities.

With this in mind, an approach by partner Sky Business to assist with technology within NHS Nightingale, London Excel was grasped with the collective hands of Airwave’s team.

Airwave donated 55-inch Samsung TVs to the staff rest areas at the Nightingale hospital, to be used in conjunction with NOW TV streaming sticks, offering NHS staff a brief respite from their situation during break times.

Being married to a nurse, I understand how tough working on the frontline can be.

All of us at Airwave and indeed society at large realise how important a role the NHS plays in all our lives, so we are pleased to be able to make this small contribution which will hopefully make work for frontline NHS staff slightly more bearable.

Toby Hart, Operations Director, Airwave