Sancta Maria Private Hospital

The Project

Part of the healthcare charity, The Healthcare Management Trust, HMT Sancta Maria is located in Swansea’s Maritime Quarter in the South of Wales.

Boasting a new £25 million state-of-the-art building, Sancta Maria aims to improve the patient outcome and experience.

Indeed, one of Sancta Maria’s key values states “Everything we do is driven by what our patient needs” – with this in mind Airwave Healthcare was approached to design and install a patient entertainment system within the in-patient area of the hospital.

The Technology

Having installed an IPTV headend and various infrastructure to ensure a robust, consistent television signal, Airwave wall-mounted Samsung HGET690 SMART TVs at the foot of each bed. Ensuring as low a footprint as possible, Airwave used flat-to-wall BTECH BT7523 wall-mounts with tilt functionality, allowing comfortable viewing from both bed and bedside chair.

Further enhancing this “neat and tidy” aesthetic, perspex remote control holders were wall-mounted, with each remote control attached to a cord, preventing theft or the misplacing of the equipment (a common issue in hospitals!).

The requirement for infection control technology has always been a priority, however in this covid era, it has become even more critical.

Jes Redgard, Head of Healthcare Sales, Airwave

With this in mind, Airwave supplied Ruwido wipe-clean RC12122 remote controls. Designed for environments in which infection-control is a key priority, Ruwido’s RC features a full (waterproof) polymer membrane keypad and completely closed housing for optimum cleanliness and convenience in cleaning.

An Otrum Enterprise Cloud information system was implemented on each TV, providing a series of interactive pages, navigable by the patient and including various functionalities such as hospital information vehicle for Google Chromecast.

“Chromecast is perhaps the jewel in the hospital TV’s crown” said sales & marketing director Paul Chambers “allowing guests to cast their own content on the television.”

Paul Chambers, Sales & Marketing Director, Airwave

Essentially, this offers patient an almost infinite supply of content from apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube etc – and with this in mind, the TV is transformed into an entertainment centre that’s likely to keep a patient happy for hours on end.

Finishing off the installation, Airwave wall-mounted a Samsung QBR Series 55-inch signage screen, run via Otrum’s signage software, able to schedule content quickly and easily, via intuitive content management software – idea in a busy, dynamic hospital environment.

To find out more about Samsung SMART TVs, Otrum CTRL, Otrum signage software or infection-control remote control technology, get in touch: 0845 555 1212 or