Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Assisting Circle Healthcare’s 16 point plan to transform Cambridgeshire’s Hinchingbrooke hospital, Airwave supplied and installed the ultimate bedside entertainment and communication system.

A total of 230 positions was commissioned, based on Airwave’s bespoke Samsung healthcare TV and wall-mounted arm solution. In addition, a number of 32 inch white healthcare screens for larger rooms were implemented.

At Hinchingbrooke, bedside TV and radio entertainment is provided free of charge. Patients are also afforded access to a dedicated hospital information channel and can utilise red button technology to navigate many pages of information relevant to the hospital’s facilities, their stay and recovery programs.

Although many hospitals across the UK operate a “pay to watch” television system policy, Circle’s 16-point plan veered away from this model, opting for as much a patient-focused culture as possible.

Indeed, a desire for premium patient entertainment was a recurring theme in patient feedback received by Hinchingbrooke. In response, a team of staff  worked with Airwave to ensure an easy-to-use, robust and reliable system was selected, purchased and installed.