Hillingdon Hospital

The Hospital


Hillingdon Hospital is an NHS hospital, situated in Pield Heath Road, Greater London. 

Part of the Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the hospital is an acute and specialist services provider, running a busy accident & emergency department, maternity services, and inpatients & outpatients clinics. 

In conjunction with sweeping refurbishment plans, a new 2,400sq m modular extension was built in the grounds of the hospital. The three-storey build has created a host of additional services, and holds 70 new bed spaces, set across 3 wards.


The Project

Airwave was delighted to be appointed, via the NHS SBS procurement framework, to design and build a Freeview TV system across the hospital’s new wards.

This required lateral thinking on Airwave’s part, due to the positioning and structure of each ward’s 4-bed bays. These had hollow walls, which required a little bit of creativity in the positioning of medical wall arms – some were placed on bedheads, some were placed on adjacent walls, and all required bespoke external patressing.

As is often the case in healthcare environments, there is no one size fits all TV solution across a property’s footprint, and with this in mind, Airwave recommended different TV models (and screen sizes) to cater for the individual requirements of each TV location:

      • 4 bed bays – 19-inch Philips HFL5214 Heartline displays, arm-mounted on Glamox Luxo wall-arms.

      • Single occupancy rooms – 32-inch Samsung HT5300 Series displays, wall-mounted on WAP 410 arm brackets. 

      • Day rooms / staff areas – 43-inch Samsung HT670 Series, mounted on B-Tech, flat-to-wall brackets.

    Each screen was mounted in accordance with optimum viewing distances / angles, with a corresponding (mounted) acrylic remote-control holder, attached to a curly cord to prevent theft or loss.

    Augmenting the tailored TV offering, Airwave utilised commercial TV channel-mapping functionality to create a different channel line-up for the children’s ward – naturally, this positioned all the relevant children’s / lifestyle channels prominently.

    Installation was staggered in line with the phased opening of wards (on a floor-by floor basis), in this time, Airwave was delighted to lend a helping hand, fixing another ward’s estate of non-working TVs! This required some fairly straightforward network maintenance, but resulted in a hugely improved patient experience across the wards in question.