Why Buy a Healthcare TV?

Why should I spend extra money on a commercial TV, when a domestic TV works just fine?

I can save money if I buy my property’s TVs from the high-street!

We do still here this from time-to-time, especially when talking to smaller, independent care homes. However, for any property that’s looking to save on long-term cost and wanting to avoid patient dissatisfaction, read on!

In today’s competitive environment, every sensible business looks to buy intelligently, keeping costs down whenever possible. With this in mind, we’re often asked a simple but searching question:

“Why can’t my property purchase domestic televisions from the high street?”

It’s very likely that TVs bought from a supermarket or online retailer will be cheaper than equivalent healthcare TVs, allowing a property to reduce this (often considerable) capital investment.  However, initial cost savings are likely to be dwarfed by the associated costs of buying domestic TVs for a commercial environment.

Often not considered are the operational efficiencies afforded by commercial TVs. These may be simple in nature such as the ability to remote manage a portfolio of screens (updating channel lists, problem diagnostics etc) or at a more complicated level, the ability to manage room availability / status via the TV.  Simply speaking, operational efficiencies equate to ongoing cost savings and must always be taken into consideration when analysing initial expenditure.

Patient Experience

Of course, cost should not be the only consideration in the purchase of a property’s TV system.  Each and every care home or hospital looks, to the best of their ability, to maximise the patient experience.  Commercial TVs are designed and manufactured with the differing requirements of the patient in mind.

Healthcare vs Domestic TVs – the key differences:


A Domestic TV’s warranty does not cover use in a commercial environment and as a consequence, the cost of all failures and repairs must be covered by the care home or hospital.  Whilst television failure rates are typically low (between 1% and 3%), the cost of just one repair can often exceed the saving made by the purchase of domestic TVs.

Furthermore, healthcare TVs are designed to be used in a commercial environment and are typically more robust in nature. Most importantly, commercial warranties run from two to five years, significantly exceeding the standard domestic warranty of one year.

Repair Procedure

Let’s face it, the UK is a nation of telly addicts, a room without a television is likely to contain an unhappy patient!  With this in mind, the key HTV manufacturers operate quick response repair-on-site or swap-out policies, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum patient satisfaction.

Data Privacy

Hospital guests that enter personal details (email address, social media logins etc) on a domestic TV are in danger of leaving private information for the next patient.  Healthcare TVs are designed to clear all personal data ahead of the next patient’s stay.

Healthcare Settings

Healthcare TVs are specifically designed for healthcare environments and offer a number of corresponding features:

Start-up screen / welcome message – load photos or videos and a welcome message on to the TV’s switch-on channel.

Volume Levelling – sets a standard switch-on and maximum allowed volume to avoid the disturbance of other residents or patients.

Channel line-ups – Simplify a channel line up, remove inappropriate channels (especially adult content) or bespoke a channel line-up to suit different demographics.  A dedicated hospital or care home channel can also be designed, implemented and programmed as a “switch on” channel.

USB cloning – clones template settings, enabling the quick and easy set-up of large numbers of TVs – across one or multiple sites.

Security mode – preventing the tampering/changing of settings.

Remote management – enabling the control of a  portfolio of televisions via the cloud or central location

Eco mode & low power consumption – considerable operational cost savings

Interactive Information Pages (Click here for more details)

Healthcare TVs are compatible with information and entertainment systems that can be embedded on the TV. This provides a property with branding and revenue generation opportunities and enhances the patient experience with information services such as local weather conditions, activity timetables, menus and hospital facilities.  Operational efficiencies are provided by premium HTV softwares, reducing a property’s opex costs.

To discuss in more detail, get in touch for friendly, professional advice: info@hospitaltv.co.uk or 01403 783483

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