Montefiore Hospital

In-room patient entertainment

Offering patients the ultimate in bedside entertainment and communication technology, Airwave implemented a cutting-edge healthcare IPTV system.  This consisted of smart LED TVs with built-in PCs, incorporating leading edge middleware and designed specifically for the healthcare market.

Each television is driven by a fanless Intel Atom dual core processor, benefitting from silent operation and low power consumption – ideal for the long periods of operation typical in a healthcare environment.

A windows based interface provides patients and staff with an intuitive system architecture, enabling ease of operation and future compatibility with HIS, PACS and third party applications.

Most importantly, Airwave’s solution provides patients with an abundance of exciting applications to choose – including the latest in movies on demand, internet, digital radio, games, instant messaging, and social networking – all controlled from the bed by a gyroscopic remote control with integrated keyboard.

Further service, all available from the bed or chair, include nurse calling, menus and meal ordering as well as access to educational videos, treatment plans, medical procedures and recovery programs.

Touch screen technology

Within Montefiore’s chemotherapy ward, Airwave secured state of the art 15-inch touchscreens on to chairs (via arm technology). Manufactured using anti-bacterial plastics, the screens are medically compliant whilst delivering identical services to those provided in the main hospital suites.

Essentially, the screen mounted chairs provide patients with a high degree of independence during their stay, increasing stay satisfaction whilst also improving clinical productivity.