G4S is the largest secure outsourcing company in the UK and Ireland, providing 10,000 customers with a safe and secure way to deliver their services. Airwave are delighted to partner with G4S in the supply and installation of institutional television screens across  secure environments and catering for over 5,000 inmates. Airwave supplied 22 inch Samsung and Philips institutional TVs to HMP Winson Green, HMP Oakwood, HMP Rye Hill, HMP Parc, HMP Altcourse and the secure training centre at Oakhill, Milton Keynes. “Secure environments require a different type of television” said Jes Redgard, head of public sector sales “as a consequence, we proposed dedicated prison television hardware”. Prison TVs are specifically manufactured for secure site environments and offer relevant features:

  • Transparent housing – prevents inmates hiding weapons and contraband inside the television.
  • Prison mode – prevents unauthorised communication to, from and between inmates by allowing the control and locking of features such as Teletext, EPG, subtitles and USB ports.
  • Advanced volume control – volume levels on the television can be limited to prevent noise disturbances.
  • Ahead of delivery to site, Airwave pre-programmed each television into secure mode, ensuring that the TVs were ready to be “plug-and-played.”