Healthcare TV – FAQ

We don’t take it for granted that our customers know everything about healthcare TV technology, and have pulled together a list of our most frequently asked questions:
What’s the difference between a Healthcare TV and a normal TV? 

Whilst healthcare TVs often share the same picture engines, display technology and chassis design as their domestic equivalents, they are manufactured with embedded firmware, specifically designed for use in a healthcare (or public) environment.

This firmware provides numerous operational efficiencies, and enhances the patient experience via a number of healthcare-specific features – for a more comprehensive overview, watch the below video. Note: this was made by Airwave’s hospitality division, and refers to hotel TVs, however the principles are largely identical, with hotel TVs sharing the same characteristics as their healthcare equivalents:

Why can’t I buy a normal TV for my property?

Well, you can if you really want, there’s nothing to stop you from doing this.

But as we explain in the above video, any cost-saving attributed to the purchase of (slightly cheaper) domestic TVs is likely to be dwarfed by the long-term cost implication. And most notably, a domestic TV’s warranty is not valid in a commercial environment.

And what about your patients or residents? Are the few (short-term) pennies saved, worth the vastly reduced patient entertainment experience? 

We’ll be very clear – we strongly recommend against the implementation of domestic TVs in a healthcare environment.


I want to buy healthcare TVs, without a system, and install them myself. Can I do this?

Well, yes. We occasionally work on a supply only basis. Please bear in mind however, that today’s SMART healthcare TV is a complicated, powerful beast and requires considerable expertise to configure – especially when it needs to be integrated with other technology (typically wifi or PMS). We recommend against supply only transactions for this reason.

We won’t kiss and tell, but have often been asked to return to supply only projects to mend/configure/reinstall TVs and TV systems!


How can I generate extra revenue from my Healthcare TV system?

Interactive TV systems offer a number of additional revenue stream opportunities, the most popular being:

Room / bed service: allow your guests to order food and drink via the TV. As silly as it sounds, we find that some patients appreciate the chance to swerve human interaction and would rather avoid ordering via the phone.

Local service advertising: local services such as restaurant/take-aways and taxi firms will often pay for advertising space within busy healthcare environments. This of course, can be implemented via the TV system.

Video-on-Demand: pay as you watch movies are still much in demand and can offer a steady income stream if based on a ‘pay as you watch’ model.


I would like to refresh my TV system, but the TVs are fairly new, what can be done?

Firstly, we will never recommend the purchase of new television hardware if we don’t feel it necessary. TVs manufactured in the last 3-5 years tend to be sexier than their older cousins, boasting slim depths and minimalist bezels. If they look good and perform well – why change them?

So, if there’s life in the old dog yet, we can modernise a system in a variety of ways – the most common being the implementation of Google Chromecast, offering patients access to an almost infinite amount of content via their smart device.

The implementation of an interactive information system or set-top box offer other credible ways of extending a TV’s life.

What is different about commercially certified Chromecast?

Commercially certified Chromecast is configured to prevent interference between devices, allowing bed 16 to watch Game of Thrones, and bed 17 to watch Mr.Tumble, without any awkward patient feedback….

Commercial grade Chromecast is also housed in protective casing to prevent tampering / theft, and integrated into a graphical interface, allowing a branded, intuitive user experience.

Technology is moving so quickly, will my system be future-proof?


Neither Airwave, any of our competitors, or indeed any technology provider can 100% guarantee completely future-proof technology. That’s simply the nature of the beast and partly why our world of technology is so exciting.

However, we can, and do, take a number of steps to mitigate the threat of technological obsolescence and will always openly discuss the pros and cons of various systems with our clients.

Many SMART TV systems can be upgraded as and when new features are released, and this does offer an element of longevity – certainly more so than the non-smart systems of yesteryear.  Indeed the industry standard recommendation for the replacement of healthcare TV hardware/systems is between five to seven years – we see no reason why this should change.


My property is located in an area of bad reception, can you help?

Absolutely, this is our bread and butter. We are CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries trade association) certified and most of our technicians have many years experience in the installation of satellite and aerial infrastructure. In fact, at the time of writing, we had recently installed a shiny new hotel television system in the Outer Hebrides


I have non-SMART TVs, but want SMART services. Is this possible?

Yes. This is fairly straightforward and can be implemented via a commercially certified set-top box or even Google Chromecast.


I am unable to install ethernet in my property, can I still get SMART TVs?

Yes. We are often asked to install SMART TV systems in properties that can’t afford or justify the often expensive / disruptive infrastructure upgrades. This is possible by using DOCSIS technology to provide a SMART TV service via existing coaxial infrastructure.


What’s better: Samsung, LG or Philips?

There’s no obvious answer to this oft asked question.  Each brand offers a tiered range of commercial TV screens, suitable for all requirements. In short, we recommend all three brands as excellent, reliable options for your property, and find that individual preference often dictates our clients’ buying decision.

We are on hand to guide this decision, but will always advise objectively – we partner with each manufacturer, enjoying close, relationships with each.

For budget conscious properties looking for a value-driven TV display, Airwave have partnered with British manufacturer Cello Electronics and designed an entry-level commercial TV with integrated Chromecast. This is a great option for value-driven properties that want to avoid the pitfalls of putting domestic TVs in a commercial environment.

Can you offer international & foreign language content?

Yes we can. Our sister company Techlive International is a global leader in the provision of  TV content – including international channels, foreign language content and VOD movie & TV content. Indeed we think the cloud-based VOD app Airtime, is better than sliced bread and encourage you to implement it on your TV system (at a next-to-nothing cost implication).


Can you offer financing?

Yes. Airwave Healthcare is part of the SCCI Group of Companies and can offer financial services, leasing agreements and maintenance support via our financing company, Switchsure.

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