Entertainment and Information Systems

Airwave offer a range of information and entertainment systems, designed to sit on compatible healthcare television screens. Systems range from basic terrestrial TV reception to fully interactive networked services, implemented across multiple sites.

Interactive Systems & Patient Engagement

Technology plays a vital role in the safety, engagement and care of every patient.  Airwave’s portfolio of operating systems offer the latest in cutting-edge technology, enhancing patient and employee engagement.

No two hospitals, patients or care teams are alike, that’s why we offer complete customisation of systems to best suit our customer’s needs. So, you can focus on increasing productivity while delivering superior results.

Content Management Systems

Airwave’s design engineers build and implement content management services, enabling hospitals and care homes to communicate to guests via customised graphical interfaces on the television. Typical pages include daily menus & events, local weather and entertainment portals providing catch-up services. Platform can be as simple or as complicated as required.

All systems are completely customisable and as such, can be a powerful communication tool.  Features might include interactive hospital maps  (no more untidy in-ward literature), promotional videos and dedicated information channels.

More comprehensive smart solutions can include connect your own device functionality, dynamic advertising and a nurse call button.

Content Delivery

Differing property infrastructures, budgets and individual preference will dictate the platform in which content is delivered. Commercial TVs from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Philips enable the implementation of information systems via in-built software,

IPTV Systems

Internet protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over IP networks.  It offers several advantages over traditional terrestrial formats such as internet browsing, catch-up TV services, video on demand (Netflix, Amazon Prime etc) and online apps such as YouTube.

The installation of an IPTV system enables a hospital to easily distribute TV Channels and other broadcast streams via a CAT5/6 network, managing content and channels from a single point and offering a number of key benefits:


  • Manage content and channels from a single point
  • Bed-by-bed television control
  • Allows patients and residents to stream their own content from portable devices
  • Future-proof and easy to scale up
  • Turns the television into a two-way communication vehicle .
  • Store and access clinical data
  • Offers remote screen diagnosis.
  • Reduces operational costs
Full Media Interactive Touchscreens

All in one medical computers combining patient entertainment with clinical access functionality, provide a premium experience in hospitals.

Incorporating intuitive and flexible middleware and manufactured using anti-bacterial plastics and medically compliant designs, Airwave’s portfolio of smart terminals provide the ultimate bedside experience.

Smart touchscreen terminals offer a full media solution incorporating TV, movies, radio, telephony, games, menu ordering, patient feedback and hospital video & information pages. Sophisticated communication software stores clinical information, electronic patient records and offers a platform for a host of interactive healthcare applications.


BYOD (bring your own device) empowers patients, allowing them to watch their own content alongside other features supported by smart devices. To find out more, click here.

Google Chromecast

Patient’s armed with portable devices want to watch their content on a big screen; commercially certified Google Chromecast systems create a much sought after home-from-home experience.


For properties looking to enrich their guest’s stay, Airwave are uniquely placed to offer a one stop, end-to-end content service.

Utilising our partnership with Sky and content specialists and sister company Techlive International, we have agreements in place to supply Sky TV and the latest Hollywood movies with multi-language support, award winning TV features.


Freeview is the UK’s digital terrestrial TV service and can be delivered to your hospital through an aerial.  It offers 70 linear TV channels, more than 30 radio stations and is a popular choice for properties looking to provide a simple, linear television offering with limited associated costs.

Airwave can install and recondition RF terrestrial networks, ensuring that all channels are clear and up-to-date.


Movies On Demand (VoD)

Airwave’s sister company, Techlive International provide a market-leading portfolio of movie and programming content, including the cloud-based movie streaming app, Airtime.

Airtime can be embedded on Samsung, LG and Philips commercial TVs, providing blockbuster movie content, weeks ahead of consumer streaming services.

International & Foreign Language Channels

The UK is a key destination for world travellers and home to many foreign language speakers. This prominence of overseas visitors necessitates the provision of a portfolio of international channels, especially in dense urban areas such as London and Birmingham.

Airwave’s portfolio of international channels provides content to cover most nationalities, including China, Japan and most European countries.

Sky TV

Airwave is a fully accredited Sky installation partner and also licensed to provide the latest movies from Hollywood studies such as Universal, Paramount and Disney.