Rampton Forensic Hospital is a high security (category A) psychiatric hospital, housing approximately 400 patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. Patients at Rampton are considered to require treatment in conditions of high security owing to their “dangerous, violent or criminal propensities.” With this in mind, Rampton required the provision of a robust and secure in-bedroom entertainment platform with access to a virtual campus and relevant patient information such as policies on possessions, room searches, activities and education. Further requirements includedtherestrictionofdistributedtelevision content in line with client policies and the
provision of restricted and controlled access to the Internet. Rampton also requested a management system that enabled the remote access control of content and services and most importantly, allowed staff to monitor the status of each individual TV. In line with this, Airwave was tasked to design an IPTV based platform to fulfill Rampton’s various needs. Samsung HGEE690 SMART hospitality TVs with the REACH 4.0 IP CMS platform provided the required features, benefits and security to meet thevariousconditionsoftheproject. Airwave designed and implemented a REACH system and
configured bespoke TV settings to limit content and access to other features/services. Ahead of delivery and installation into Rampton, Airwave pre-configured each in- bedroom TV activating the secure ‘locked’ mode andenablingaplugandplayinstallation. Thiswas further aided by the prebuild of units to include the connection of cables and assembly of wall brackets. The project was delivered on a just in time basis as requested by Rampton and includes ongoing service and support until 2020.