Morne oversees all installation projects within the company, managing engineers and installation partners and allocating all incoming jobs.   He is also in charge of Airwave’s resource forecasting, ensuring that each project is completed in time, on budget and within customer expectations.

Experience and Background

Morne’s unorthodox path to Airwave encompasses a 10 year period as a special forces police officer in South Africa and a stint as an underwater engineer in the UK. Technically minded, Morne joined Airwave as a service engineer and looked after a number of key accounts such as HCA and the Great Ormond Street Hospital. His unwavering organisational skills, eye for detail and Prince 2 qualification soon rewarded him with a promotion to head of projects.

Something Interesting?

Whilst working as a police officer, Morne was rudely shot in the family equipment – despite this rather unfortunate incident, he is the proud father of a healthy boy and girl.