Bedside & Bedroom Displays

Bedside TVs are designed to be mounted on wall/ceiling articulated arms or trollies, providing bed-bound patients and residents with a movable display.  Options include standard Freeview TVs to interactive and touchscreen displays.

Bedside TV hardware and displaysare  designed specifically for a hospital environment with a focus on infection control and easy cleaning regimes

Features & Benefits

  • 3 year (OEM) commercial warranty
  • Broad range of screen sizes and styles to meet project design requirements
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Content management and interactive services
  • VoD
  • Foreign Language Channels
  • Wipe clean (IC) remote controls
  • Array of wall and ceiling mount arms / accessories
Philips Heartline

LG 15LU766A

Samsung HD470TW
Cello CTSACC Series