Tablets and BYOD (bring your own devices)

Evolving technology has revolutionised the way we interact with technology, patients and residents are likely to arrive at healthcare environments armed with smart devices – smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops – all can be used to access non-linear television and content services.

With this in mind, paid television services are no longer a viable option for healthcare; allowing patients to use their own devices to access content services not only empowers them, but creates an affordable, progressive option for users.

Airwave offer a “bring your own” solution that can be tailored to suit each individual property. Each solution will vary depending on the situation – this may be as simple as commercially designed Google Chromecast or as complicated as a branded hospital interface with information services, internet browsing, streaming apps, radio integration with hospital technologies.

Key benefits of BYOD solutions

BYOD solutions offer patients respite from the boredom often associated with immobility and lengthy stays in a hospital bed. Ultimately, this improves the mental wellbeing of a patient, in turn leading to quicker recovery times and savings for the NHS.

  • All systems can be remotely managed and updated.

  • Space management – devices typically offer a number of features that would otherwise require extra hardware – (the obvious example being television services) a device’s footprint is negligible.

  • Smart devices are largely “future-proof” and can be updated to offer extra functionality.

  • Communication software such as Skype, Facetime and messaging services enable patients to communication with friends and family.

  • NHS content, such as smoking cessation and post-operative care videos,  can be displayed on landing pages.
  • Other content linked to landing pages might include surveys, hospital or property information, local service numbers, weather reports etc

  • Increased CQC scores.

Airwave and partner WiFiSpark Media offer a complete tablet-based solution for both healthcare providers and patients.

Not everybody has a smart device? I want an all-inclusive solution.
Airwave offer both BYOD and site ownership models, ensuring an all-inclusive offering to properties.
What's to stop people stealing tablets?
Tablets can be geo-fenced, meaning they will lock down as soon as they’re moved from a specific location. As a consequence, theft of this type of solution is very  rare.
I simply want to provide a linear television service, can this be done on portable devices?
Yes, we recognise that some people like to watch traditional linear TV and are able to provide a standard television service on portable devices.
Patients will have to hold the device, isn't this uncomfortable?

Airwave have a portfolio of bedside table mounts, allowing hands free content viewing!