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Infotainment TV / monitor support arm

CBS Hi1 Arm 

CBS Hi1 is the next generation of infotainment TV / monitor support, offering improved functionality and adjustability along with smoother and easier usage. Hi1 is designed to be more environmentally friendly, safe, and makes it physically easier for patients to move and adjust their monitor as they interact with technology while recuperating. 

Hi1's range of movement improves the patient experience by ensuring a patient can sit up or lie down in bed and manoeuvre the TV or monitor in a more comfortable position to make infotainment selections, to view the screen, play a game, make a telephone call and more. Likewise, the clinican can rotate the monitor from a patient's viewing position into a more suitable arrangement to view medical records or input new data.

Key features

  • Arm features pre-installed cables (set to specification) for easy installation 

  • Arm available in 1.5 and 1.8m sizes

  • Full 360 degree mid joint articulation 

  • 30 degree of terminal tilt 

  • Easily adjustable working range 3-8.5kg

  • Powered by CBS award-winning Flo Spring Technology 

  • Safety stops on monitor rotation (installer configurable)

  • Produces finger-tip adjustable infotainment

  • Self balancing head

  • Hygienic and secure with integrated power and data cable management 

  • Safe for solvent cleaning 

  • Wall mounted IT cover to keep data supply and cables hygienically stored