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  • Eco Stand

    Light Duty TV Trolley

    Eco Stand

    Light Duty TV Trolley

    Eco Stand 

    The Eco-Stand range of mobile equipment stand are versatile, flexible and can be customised to suit your exact requirements. The strong, stable platform they provide is ideal for use in a wide range of healthcare and clinical environments. 

    Developed for use in all medical environments, the Eco-Stand is designed to be easy to clean with minimal dirt traps and other areas where pathogens may collect. The addition of an anti-microbial silver ion-based agent will further reduce the spread of infection by cross-contamination. 


    • Versatile mobile mounting system

    • Robust construction with low friction castors and small footprint for easy manoeuvrability 

    • Easy-clean design

    • Wide range of standard accessories, including medi-rail, baskets, hooks and handles 

    • Custom mountings, fixtures and accessories available upon request 

    • OEM and custom solutions