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Tablet and Monitor Arms

  • CBS Flo Arm

    Unique monitor arm

    CBS Flo Arm

    CBS Flo Arm

    Flo Arm 

    Flo's unique design offers a range and ease of movement that is achived by CBS's unique Flo Spring Technology. Flo can be used to support single or dual screens and functions effortlessly as a tablet stand/iPad mount. Flo can also facilitate various screen set-ups according to the requirements of the working environment. 

    Flo features a unique visual indicator weight gauge on its forearm and an adjustable tension feature, this delivers significant reductions in installation time whilst ensuring that all screens are set to optimum tension for the screen weight - improving usability and performance.

    • Award winning aesthetic design and functionality 

    • Smooth, dynamic movement through Flo Spring Technology

    • Unique head design provides unrivalled degree of flexibility ofr tablets and touch screens

    • Weight gauge reduces installation time and provides consistent performance

    • Integrated three-point cable management system

    • Minimal environmental impact 

  • CBS Flo Dual Arm

    Dual TV / Monitor Arm

    CBS Flo Dual Arm

    CBS Flo Dual Arm

    Flo Dual Arm 

    Use two monitor arms with a single desk clamp to support a screen alongside a tablet or laptop, or dual screens if you prefer.

    The Flo Dual monitor stand is designed to cater for the increasing number of technology configurations in the workplace. Two Flo monitor arms are attached to the desk by a single clamp, meaning that a single screen can be combined with a laptop or tablet, or dual screens can be implemented. 

    • Ideal for supporting a laptop or tablet in a dual configuration with a monitor 

    • Effortlessly combines sleek aesthetics with excellent functionality 

    • Enables screens to be interchangeable as input (touch) or output (reading) devices

    • Weight gauge reduces installation time and provides consistent performance

    • Can support 9kg on each arm

  • CBS Flo Plus Dual Arm

    Dual arm for TVs/ monitors up to 18kg

    CBS Flo Plus Dual Arm

    Dual arm for TVs / monitors up to 18kg

    Download PDF for 32 inch Samsung Hotel LCD TV

    Flo Plus Dual Arm 

    The Flo Plus Dual monitor arm is designed to support dual TVs / monitors to a combined weight of up to 18kg.

    Due to superior design, Flo Plus will still be able to use spring technology ensuring that the load of 6-18kg is perfectly counter-balanced throughout the motion. The Flo Plus TV and monitor stand allows two screens of up to 24" in size to be mounted in either portrait or landscape position with both heads having fine height adjustment, ensuring that even two different sized screens can be installed and perfectly aligned. The screen support heads have been designed to be reversible, enabling the user to install the screens in and 30 degree cockpit or flat setup by simply changing the heads around on the support bar. The entire product can be taken appart and is 100 per cent recyclable.

    • Accommodates two 24" widescreens with either screen rotated between portrait and landscape

    • Great manoeuvrability with 530mm (20" 7/8) reach 320mm (12" 3/5) of vertical height adjustment 

    • Perfect screen alignment with 12mm of fine height adjustment in both heads

    • Self regulating head design - VESA mount heads counterbalance against screen weight to prevent drooping 

    • Integrated cabale management design to suit requirements of dual-screen technology 



  • CBS Rodney Monitor Arm

    Cost-effective TV / monitor arm

    CBS Rodney Monitor Arm

    CBS Rodney Monitor Arm

    Rodney TV / Monitor Arm 

    Rodney is a simple cost-effective monitor arm that offers a full range of ergonomic requirements to a user. Screen supports supplied with TVs or monitors often only offer vertical adjustment - Rodney has 430mm of horizontal reach allowing different focal lengths to be easily achieved for an all round user experience.

    • All-in-one-box ergonomic solutions which removes the need for complex specifications 

    • Compact and unique design frees up desktop place 

    • Environmentally friendly - material usage is considered

    • Clever self-balancing tilt mechanism combats screen glare with seamless adjustment 

    • Provides integrated cable management - security features come as standard