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AirCAST for MDU's

AirCAST for MDU's

INFORM AND PROMOTE:  Tailored Multi-Dwelling Unit ‘Red Button’ Channel

AirCAST is a revolutionary information system, enabling you to communicate with your tenants via a dedicated ‘red button’ channel on their TV sets.


Costly, printed in-room directories are a thing of the past. AirCAST enables tenants to quickly and easily navigate through different sections and pages on tenant information and accommodation services. Accommodation providers can instantly update the system via a web interface, keeping information fresh and up to date.

  • Useful Information and Contacts
  • Local area information and useful contacts
  • Local map, traffic and travel info
  • Live feeds, e.g. News, Weather, Sport


Welcome tennants to the MDU by using AirCAST to promote products, services and facilities or to advertise local businesses.

  • Locally or MDU run community events 
  • Restaurant and bar deals 
  • Advertise local businesses, such as taxi firms or restaurants 


AirCAST is a bespoke information system for your accommodation. It can be tailored to suit your accommodation's individual style and requirements.

  • Tailored categories and pages
  • Unique accommodation style