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AirMEDIA for Education


SmartTV Upgrade for Hospitality

Set your student accommodation or boarding house apart from the rest with AirMEDIA, providing the user with the very latest Smart TV features and Apps. 

AirMEDIA transforms HD Ready TVs into affordable modern Smart TVs. It’s a complete standalone solution that includes the AirMEDIA Box, a unique Gyro Remote Control and access to the MySmartUp Portal, which gives you complete control over look, feel and functionality.

Best of all AirMEDIA requires no on-site server...just a wired or wireless network and a broadband internet connection.

It uses a small unobtrusive smart box that works with just about any TV; and when you do want to upgrade to a slimmer, more eco-friendly TV, you just move the AirMEDIA box to the new set and your student or pupil's experience is still as great as it was unwanted menus and feature changes, no missing Apps because manufacturer’s licenses have remain in complete control.

Being compatible with the existing school, accommodation or university network the AirMEDIA site will keep the same rules of black or white listed websites whilst browsing the internet to guarantee no unwanted content is accessed. 

With AirMEDIA students can use Apps just like those on a smartphone or tablet device, but on a much larger screen, importantly the apps can be chosen by the institution so they can control the apps their users receive. Thiere is a huge range of applications including popular catch-up TV and video streaming services, journey planners, event guides, news, magazines, weather services and so much more. Social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook are perfect for the student accommodation sector. Surfing the Web is a breeze using the feature rich HD Browser that providing access to even more exciting services.