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AvediaPlayer r9200 IPTV receiver


The AvediaPlayer r9200 connects an SD or HD TV to your existing IP network to receive digital TV channels and other video sources. It features a single Ethernet port and an HDMI output in a compact form factor with the lowest power consumption of all Exterity’s receivers.

  • Supports a variety of HDMI video resolution formats up to 1080p
  • Has the lowest power consumption and the smallest footprint
  • Extensive channel management capabilities
  • USB port for keyboard, mouse, touch screen or external storage
  • Built-in user interface, web browser for middleware integration, or iPhone app support extensive  user control and convenience
  • Highly granular administration and control with Exterity AvediaServer Director management applications, also supports administration via HTTP web interface, SNMP and Telnet 
  • Supports Exterity iPhone app, allowing WiFi control of receiver