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15.4" JAO Smart terminal for patient bedside



Barco's 15" JAO Smart Terminal, formerly known as 'Zico', features curved lines and rounded edges for a modern design. This allows the terminal to be cleaned and disinfected easily, helping to prevent infection. 

With an extensive range of accessory options, the 15" JAO is a cost-effective solution for patient entertainment with clinical access. 

JAO Smart Terminals run with Barco's bedside computing software, providing you with secure access to electronic medical records, patient archiving communication systems and hospital information systems at the patient bedside. Additionally, bedside computing software offers a wide variety of services, such as TV, radio, films, games, meal ordering, feedback surveys and nurse call systems, imporving patients well-being and comfort. 

Smart Terminal Features

  • Modular embedded ultra-low voltage PC platform

  • Fanless and noiseless design 

  • Wireless connectivity 

  • Advanced TFT/Touchscreen user interfaces  

  • Water-proof and dustproof design 

  • LED warning indicators 

  • Advanced anti-bacterial and flame retardent causing materials 

  • Range of options such as card readers, barcode scanner and microphones, etc.

  • Custom configurations for any project