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The Whittington Hospital, London

15 June 2012 00:00

The Volunteers at the Whittington Hospital in Highgate, North London, wanted to provide a TV rental service to patients in the hospital.Portable TV’s are already available to some but only in the single rooms. The majority of patients in the 450 bed hospital have no access to television as the coaxial cable network does not extend to the multi bedded bay areas.There is no funding at present to extend the network so an alternative solution had to be found.Airwave sourced a suitable indoor digital aerial which could be temporarily fixed somewhere near to the TV depending on the bed location. 

Volunteers have initially purchased ten 19” Samsung Healthcare TV’s which are mounted on carts with a useful basket to contain all the accessories required.This includes an extended power cable, the indoor aerial and headphones.The PureCare remote control is fixed to the trolley with a retractable cable and stowed in the easy clean Perspex remote holder.A useful clamp has been provided to allow the aerial to be securely fixed in the best possible position.Over 100 TV and radio channels are picked up with subtitles and red button functions where available being picked up as well.

Each TV and remote are set to a unique code to prevent cross firing should there be more than one TV in a bay at any one time.The practical, easy to move cart is robust and sturdy.Designed for  medical use, it can be easily cleaned and comes with a handle and brakes on the castors.Although the TV’s are rented out vitualy all the time, when not in use on the wards the whole unit is easily stowed in a store room.

This inovative and practical solution has given patients the opportunity to enjoy their own TV at their bedside for a nominal charge.The Volunteers hope that the success and popularity of their TV rental scheme will allow them the scope to extend the scheme and purchase more units to rent out to their patients.