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Prospect Hospice, Swindon

12 December 2011 00:00

Every year Prospect Hospice cares for 1800 patients.

Airwave Healthcare is proud to have worked with Prospect to achieve a perfect TV and arm solution for the 4 bedded bays in the in-patient wards.

The challenge here was to incorporate an arm with sufficient reach to provide optimum TV viewing positions and convenience. The new beds at the hospice, when elevated and in a ‘sit-up’ position and along with the wall protection bumpers mean the patient is almost 1m away from the wall. Typical articulated arms are too short in reach which meant the TV was almost right up to the patients face.

Airwave sourced a longer reach wall mounted arm which is now part of our TV solution portfolio.

Airwave was able to provide an extended arm solution utilising fixed and articulated features whilst maintaining a lightweight solid construction and fully integrated cable management. The arms’ spring technology offers zero maintenance and an easy to clean assembly.

The arm is fully manoeuvrable with tilt and swivel functions allowing a range of positions and angles in which the TV can be placed.

White Healthcare Purecare remote controls are supplied as standard with the Samsung Healthcare white TV’s which also have additional hospitality features including multi remote set up to prevent ‘cross-firing’ in bays, volume limitation, headphone socket and channel blocking management.