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21st Century hospital care in Brighton and Hove

17 October 2013 15:14

The new £25 million Montefiore Hospital offers patients in and around the Brighton and Hove area some of the most up-to-date clinical care in the country with patients treated for a broad range of conditions, from MRI scans and detailed diagnostic investigations to minor procedures and hip replacements.

As part of the Hospitals aim to deliver the best private care anywhere in the UK, Airwave were awarded the contract to install The Montefiore Hospital with the very latest in Patient Entertainment Systems. 

In-Room Exemplary Patient Entertainment

To offer patients the ultimate in entertainment and communication Airwave installed the very latest in Healthcare IPTV technology. 

The high quality patient rooms incorporate both the world’s first Smart LED TV with a built-in PC designed specifically for the healthcare environment and leading edge intuitive middleware for easy navigation through the various sources of entertainment and information. 

The In-Room TVs are products designed specifically for the healthcare market and are driven by a fanless Intel Atom Dual Core processor. Not only does the TV run silently so as not to disturb patients, it also increases reliability as this means one less point of failure. Atom processors have low power consumption so the TV can run for 24 hours a day and are significantly more efficient than a standard TV or PC.

The intuitive interface is based on a Windows platform providing both patient and hospital administration staff familiarity with system layout and architecture. Future requirements for HIS, PACS and third party applications access also made Windows an obvious choice. The middleware (software) is easy to use and was customised to incorporate specific Spire requirements, designs & preferences.

With Airwave’s solution the hospital’s patients and visitors alike have an abundance of exciting applications to choose from. These choices include the latest in movies on demand, internet, digital radio, games, instant messaging, and social networking all controlled from the bed by an innovative gyroscopic remote control with integrated keyboard.

Further services again, all available from the bed or chair, include nurse calling, menus and meal ordering, and access to educational videos, treatment plans, medical procedures and recovery programs to help support a speedy recovery after the hospital stay.

Within the Hospital’s Chemotherapy Ward Airwave have installed state of the art 15 inch touchscreens on to the very latest in high quality chairs.  These touch screens, manufactured in anti-bacterial plastics and medically compliant in design, deliver identical services to those provided in the main hospital suites.

As well as providing the patient with a high degree of independence during their stay these chair side terminals have been designed to push patient comfort and clinical productivity to the next level.

Airwave is very proud to have been selected on an innovative project of this quality. The system installation also focused on innovation and sustainability. Paired with the Hospitals boutique hotel influenced interior design patients are receiving an exceptional visual and informative experience.

For Further information please contact Airwave Healthcare on 0845 555 1212