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Peterborough City Care Centre

25 June 2013 13:45

Airwave Install 19” White Freeview LCD TV’s on articulated arms with back fixing plate and cables cover

Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

34 single bedded rooms in new City Care Centre.

19” Sharp Freeview TV’s fixed to an articulated arm (also white) which was fixed on the wall behind the bed head. Accessible to patient from either a seated or lying position in the bed, or from the bedside chair. The Trust made the decision to offer free TV and radio to patients who now enjoy a full range of Freeview channels.

There is a Hospital Information Channel available too, the Trust can load pictures, images, information, and video onto a media card which once uploaded will play on a loop on the Hospital Channel. The unit is currently promoting hand washing and hygiene on their channel.

System features:

  • Grab handle below the arm allows ease of movement and positioning
  • Full range of positions
  • TV tilt and swivel functions
  • Unit can be pushed back to wall in an emergency or when not in use
  • Back cover fits securely with a rubber seal added for ease and effectiveness of cleaning
  • Cables, connections and sockets are safely and securely covered
  • Headphone socket accessible
  • Cables secured through arm, no trailing wires

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