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Birmingham Children's Hospital

25 June 2013 13:43

Airwave Healthcare installs IPTV Patient Entertainment System at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Britain’s most advanced Kidney unit opened to its patients in January 2010 at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The refurbishment cost £2.7 million and replaces the previously cramped, outdated unit which had few family friendly facilities.

At its heart and to the delight of the children in the Renal unit is the Airwave Healthcare IPTV Patient Entertainment and Information system.

Flat screen White 19” TV’s on arms at every bed or chair in the unit allow patients to not only choose from the wide selection of TV and radio channels, (including Hospital radio) but also select from 6 channels of scheduled movies, movies on demand or browse through the information and healthcare pages.

Airwave Healthcare was pleased to be able to advise and assist the Trust throughout the project resulting in a smooth installation and commissioning on time and within budget.

The Trust opted for an IPTV system because of the extra features and benefits including the information pages where messages are conveyed to patients and family or visitors including how to contact a patient, meal times and vending services, overnight stays for parents, hand- washing information and other relevant topics, thus saving on both printing costs and nursing staff time.

This useful tool can be updated and refreshed whenever new or seasonal messages are required ensuring topics such as fundraising reach a wide audience.

A wide selection of children friendly channels from the Freeview line up have been selected with in- appropriate ones blocked, giving piece of mind to staff and parents.

Many of the children spend long periods of time in the unit and of course those receiving regular renal dialysis treatment so the selection of regularly changing Movie content (supplied by Airwave Content) is proving a popular alternative to regular TV.

In addition games consoles, DVD’s, CD players or laptops can be linked to the individual screens through port sockets located at each bed. The equipment is also provided in the Adolescents room where a permanently set up PS2 console is made available with a convenient Teleadapt console enabling the changing of auxiliary devices simply and safely via the TV screen.

All services are offered to patients free of charge.

We designed the information page template for the Trust to merely provide text, logo and colour scheme. Updates and changes will be emailed to a dedicated address as will enquiries or requests for support.

Training was carried out with ward staff and a very welcome bespoke manual was created explaining all the functions and features in an easy to read format.

IPTV Equipment

At every bed, in addition to the standard 19”TV, articulated arm with handle and Airwave Healthcare TV rear cover there is a wall box to house the set top box and arm to wall fixing bracket providing a neat finish.

HDMI and video connection sockets are installed on the outside of the box for easy access and the remote control is anchored by non wired retractable cable with an easy clean Perspex holder fixed close by to help prevent loss and theft of remote controls.

The infra red ‘eye’ for the IPTV set top box has been secured to the top of the TV.

The unique Airwave Healthcare back cover plate has a silicone rubber seal which helps with infection control and also helps to prevent little fingers and enquiring minds from probing into the back of the TV!

The bespoke design of the IPTV information pages was carried out by Airwave Healthcare. The Trust and the ward provided the theme, logo, colour scheme and text for each screen.

More information on IPTV Entertainment systems like the one at Birmingham Children’s Hospital or indeed any of our other TV solutions from basic Freeview TV through to full media touchscreen solutions and case studies can be found on our new dedicated healthcare website or telephone 0845 555 1212 and ask to speak to one of our healthcare consultants. BCH Renal and trust references available on request.

For further information on this or any of our other recent healthcare projects please contact our Healthcare Account Manager, Lindsay Davies, 07879 690091

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