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Peterborough City Hospital

25 June 2013 13:41

Peterborough and Stamford Hospital

Airwave Heathcare are proud to announce the successful supply and installation of a new 600 bed digital free-view TV system and articulated arms solution across 23 wards at the New Peterborough City Hospital. This includes single and multi-bedded rooms and the Renal department wards.

This was a huge undertaking and required expert project management coupled with experienced installation engineers to achieve completion and handover within a very tight timescale of just 6 weeks.
The project required detailed programme management of both equipment and manpower to deliver on time and on budget.

Some patients prefer to use the subtitles available on many of the wide range of Freeview channels available, either way disturbance to fellow patients is avoided.

Each of the 600 x 19” Samsung Healthcare TV’s is installed on an articulated arm.
A combination of wall and ceiling mounted arms were used throughout the hospital, following a bed by bed analysis. Clinical applications, bed space and the other bed head services equipment were taken into consideration and the most appropriate arm type was selected in order to provide patients with accessibility and the best possible viewing position from both bed and chair.

Luxo Wall Arms

Luxo articulated wall arms were secured to a customised Airwave wall plate, giving maximum fixing strength to the wall.

Samsung Purecare Remotes

Each TV is controlled by the Samsung PureCare remote.
This easy clean, white healthcare remote control is then attached to a cord, secured to the wall plate, and stored in a customised holder.
Thus the remote control remains securely with the TV, essential in multi bedded areas where different unique codes have been set to prevent cross changing functions by patients.

The renal ward was particularly challenging with 17 ceiling arms being installed following installation of complex strut work above the ceiling void to facilitate safe movement and stability of the TV arms.

Having set the 30 TV channel list to the requirements of the trust, each TV was then individually cloned and set to give identical performance and choice throughout the hospital.

Unique Airwave Healthcare hygienic back covers are fitted to all TV’s.

This not only provides safety and security but also gives the unit a pleasing finished look as cables, sockets and connections at the back of the TV are all covered. The TV covers incorporate a headphone socket for ease of use. Patients may use their own headphones or the quality digital sets provided by the hospital.

Further information on Patient Entertainment systems like this one at Peterborough City Hospital or indeed any of our other TV solutions from basic Freeview TV through to full media touchscreen solutions along with other case studies can be found on our informative dedicated healthcare website or telephone 0845 555 1212 and ask to speak to one of our healthcare consultants.
Trust references are available on request; site visits can be arranged through Airwave Healthcare.